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Wedding Luxurious receptions

The perfect partner to make your special day grandous and Opulent with the most luxurious flower arrangements, and with the advantage that you can hire the living arrangements from us!

We suppluy from living arrangements, corsages, button-hole pins, bouguets, wrist bouguets, table arrangements, etc, to make your day unforgetable.

We at Opulence are passionate about
orchids, plants and beautiful flowers and would like to share our passion.  We love the environment and care about the
impact of society on it – that’s evident in green initiatives of our company.
We specialize in the Phalaenopsis orchids which are tropical plants that we
grow in our non tropical climate.

Opulence flowers now offer you the
opportunity to have this luxury at your function or wedding, without the
necessity to continuously buy in these luxurious flowers by employing Opulence
as your personal nursery men and greenhouse to only supply for specific
occasions and on completion return them to our tropical climate, as was the
fashion in the Victorian era.

Opulence flowers bring the luxury and
wealth of living orchid arrangements to the to your wedding or function to
reflect the Opulence of your occasion, and as added benefit, you have the
knowledge that this is the best environmentally conscious option you can
exercise with your floral arrangements. 
We can guarantee the availability of this luxury12 months of the year.