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Opulence specializes in the supply of the best quality orchids and the maintenance thereof for the hospitality, retail and corporate industry.

We pride ourselves in our professional service and ability to guarantee exquisite flowers 12 months of the year with matching luxurious containers to place the orchids in.  This also includes the supply of all necessary base decorations like bark, moss or marble stone chips to complete the display. 

We also do larger displays that can range from 3 to 10 stems (each having 10 blooms or more) in one magnificent display as a centre piece in reception areas.  Our professional ambassadors are dressed formally in collar and tie to extend to the luxury that our product displays and give you peace of mind that your orchids in good care without you ever have to lift a finger for their care during the contract period.

We are able to supply various colours throughout the year and during the winter months you have the option to take cymbidium flower stems to give variation to your display through the year