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Our Green Approach

We pride ourselves in the green approach in our business. 

Our most obvious impact is that most corporate clients do not have the expertise to care for orchid plants to enable them to flourish and treat these magnificent plants as disposable consumables. 


We have constructed our greenhouse from second hand materials that we recycle for our greenhouse to minimize the carbon footprint we leave and  so offer an environment were the orchids can flourish.  To withstand our winters, we use a hot water system to heat our greenhouses that utilize solar energy to heat the water that is then circu;lated through the greenhouse to heat the internal temperature.  In summer time we use solar energy to power our fans in the greenhouse to cool down the greenhouse. 

Our water supply comes from our on-site water well point and all water are recycled to minimize our impact on the natural resource

We further use waste fresh produce to feed our earthworm farm that in turn produces our plant fertilizer that feeds our orchid plants. Our earthworm farm have been supplied by Fullcycle and can be ordered from their website